Fuel and Chemical Pumping, Transfers and Upliftments

Vertical – horizontal – vessel & tank cleaning

Pumping, transfers and upliftments of fuels and chemicals are a high risk service as most of the product is flammable or corrosive.

Competent and Experienced service providers need to assist with the transfer of liquid product to ensure the correct procedures, tools and containment is used.

Rapid owns a variety of pumps and equipment, enabling our teams to assist clients with the pumping out of product from underground as well as above ground storage tanks, road tankers and other product holding containers.

This service is required by clients whom transport and store liquids.

Tanks are cleaned to allow for maintenance as well as removal and replacement.

Product transfers are also required by transporters with bulk liquid tankers that are overloaded at weighbridges.

Loss of Containment of hazardous materials, toxic or flammable, is the primary cause of process safety incidents. There are several causes which are the initiating events for Loss of Containment: