Rapid Degreasers are specially manufactured for the removal of petroleum products from various surfaces.

Bio Zip

Removal of oil, grease, carbon residue (Bio-degradable).

Available in:
25L, 210L and 1 000L


Industrial Fast Acting solvent based cleaner.

Available in:
25L, 210L and 1 000L.

OT 8

Stain remover for porous surfaces (Paving, Concrete, bricks, etc.).

Available in:
25L, 210L and 1 000L.

The importance of a clean workplace

The workplace environment influences employees’ productivity, performance and well-being. No matter the industry, maintaining a clean workplace may help keep staff members safe, healthy and efficient. However, busy production schedules and increasing workloads may cause standards to dip.

While it may be tempting to put off dusting or other types of cleaning around the office or work site, doing so may put employees at risk of suffering an injury or illness and may even impact performance levels. Maintaining a clean workplace is vital for employers to reduce their workers compensation claims and keep efficiency high.