Dam Cleaning

Clean site dams, trenches & catchment areas

Dam cleaning and dredging is used to clean and restore dams to a desired state.

Rapid can clean site dams, trenches & catchment areas.

Lined or unlined spill dams, ash dams & catchment dams.

Save money through planned maintenance and prevention of spills, overflows and environmental impact. Cleaning can be done while dams are still in operation. See our page on remediation services for soil and water.

We provide the following services in our tank and dam cleaning profile:




Silt Removal

Removal of unwanted vegetation

Cleaning for inspection purposes

Aeration Services

Effects of silt and sediment in dams:

Silt washes into dams and water catchment areas, thus reducing storage volume while increasing the chance of algal blooms and increases the proportion of water lost to evaporation.

De-silting affected dams will reduce the likelihood of algal blooms, increase storage volume and prolong the life of the dam structure.