Contained Absorbents

Contained absorbents are specifically designed for the easy management of small leaks and spills in and around containers and your site.

Absorbent socks

Absorbent socks are tough and economical. Use them to contain leaks and spills from containers and on hard surfaces to keep the work area clean and safe while preventing spread of liquids.

Available in: 1,2 m x 70mm.

28 units per box.

Absorbent Booms

Used to contain liquid spills fast and effectively. Booms can be used to quickly isolate and protect areas of risk and to prevent further contamination.

Available in:
2m x 125mm (4/bag)
4m x 125mm (2/bag)

Absorbent Pillows

Use in areas that are hard-to-reach and where loose absorbent application is difficult. Leaking equipment (e.g. Hoses) can be placed on pillows in order to absorb the spilled liquids.

Available in:
Small 200mm x 400mm (20/bag)
Large 400mm x 400mm (10/bag)

Absorbent Mats

Mat pads are ideal for absorbing liquids indoors and outdoors. It can be used to wipe contaminated areas or placed in the area to absorb the liquid contamination.

Available in:
380mm x 480mm (200/box)

Truck Mats

Can be used to contain pollutants created by drips and leaks from vehicles and trucks.

Available in:
1 500mm x 800 mm.
Starter kit and refill kit available.
Starter Kit: PVC holder and 10 Mats.
Refill Kit : 10 Mats.

Railway Mats

Rapid Railway Mats are effective in preventing the contamination of underlying surfaces by drips, leaks and spills.

Heavy duty polyethylene backing ensures that no oils or fuels leak onto the soil or ballast stones under the mat. Easy to install and rotate.

Available in:
2m x 1.3m