Absorbent Material

Rapid Absorbent material is manufactured from organic materials that is eco-friendly and has great absorption quality. Various absorbents are available to ensure that the correct material is used for the products in your work area.


100% Natural absorbent material, made from sphagnum peat.

Structure of the absorbent encapsulates pollutants preventing leaching. Product is hydrophobic and can be used on land and water. Non-Toxic and Non-leaching.

Available in: 5kg, 10kg, and 15kg.


Natural and organic absorbent material, made from coco peat.

Highly porous structure allows for the absorption of hydrocarbon products. The structure of the peat traps the pollutant inside the product, preventing leaching.

Available in: 5kg, 10kg, and 15kg.

Floorsafe Peat

Floorsafe PEAT is a dried sphagnum peat moss product that repels water and absorbs oils. Non-Toxic and extremely absorbent. Leaves floors dry and residue-free, ensuring that floors are left clean and safe.

Available in: 10kg, 15kg and 30kg.


High performance, Universal Non-selective Absorbent. This absorbent has been tested with over 100 industrial liquid chemicals and solutions, and has proven application in large industrial and petrochemical operations.

ChemSorb® does not react with Acids or Alkaline, making it safe to use on aggressive liquids. Non-leaching properties.

Available in: 5kg and 10kg.