Power Generation & Distribution

Ash Management can be a pain…
Ash / Fly ash may be difficult to manage and the volume of ash generated though power generation processes easily take up large amounts of space because of stockpiling, which leads to environmental impact, not to mention dust.

Accumulation of ash or caked dust in hopper bases can cause the system to become congested. Severe dust emissions can happen because ineffective filters get blocked so filters not being maintained or changed regularly, can cause issues, but with regular maintenance and cleaning operations can be smoother.

If equipment and processes are not maintained, buildup can cause severe breakdowns, congestions and environmental risks and can affect surrounding areas, impacting house keeping and where there are surrounding dams, d-grid sumps and process sumps the ash build up causes reduced capacity and damages the pumps.

Regular cleaning of baghouses prevent complete shutdowns and lowers the chances of contravening emission limits and prevents ash spills on the floor surfaces.

When ash spills are present Rapid Onamandla (Pty) Ltd should be your first choice manage spills in a compliant manner assisting in preventing damage to surrounding infrastructure.

With trained and competent staff Rapid Onamandla (Pty) Ltd can clear ash spills completely within a fraction of the time any of our competitors can.

Ash Spills can cause great risk to staff, the environment and the public.

Ash storage silos need to be maintained for inspections and capacity management.

Bag house cleaning, Filter changes, Filter cleaning, Structure cleaning and spill response. We have custom solutions.

Conveyor systems often fail or cake up with product, keep systems running with planned maintenance and cleaning.

Hoppers and feeders may get blocked or caked up with product, make sure your systems run efficiently with regular cleaning.

PJFF cleaning, Rapid Onamandla (Pty) Ltd has the experience to assist you in making Specialised Industrial and Environmental Management on your site EASY.