Waste Management

Waste Management

All industries generate waste during their  manufacturing  processes.  Waste disposal methods for these processes are always a waste management headache for our clients.

At Rapid we provide the best and most cost effective solutions for waste management in industry.  We also provide our clients with a variety of options.

We provide the following services in our waste management profile:

  • 1m3 waste bin placement and removal hazardous waste, hydrocarbon waste, liquid waste and recyclable waste)
  • Sampling to identify waste streams
  • Crane lifting services to remove redundant/damaged underground storage tanks
  • Waste storage consumables to place generated waste into (see our Clean and Safe products section)
  • Contaminated soil removal and safe disposal

Rapid recommends that all our clients keep a register with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for products used on site.  This will speed up the waste disposal quoting process paperwork that is required by the OHSA.