Transport (Freight, Road, Rail, etc)

Transportation of Goods, hazardous goods and hazardous waste is a very risky business, most of the main lines and routes used are close to through populated areas.

Rapid Onamandla (Pty) Ltd specialised in 24HR emergency response to various environmental impact incidents, load shift, losses and even events like fire damage and roll overs.

A lost load is not only an impact on the environment and public, but a loss of product. Rapid Onamandla (Pty) Ltd will assist you in quickly, compliantly and cost effectively manage your emergency spill incidents and accidents, be it on the road, rail side or on a site.

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Absorbent Materials for the quick containment and clean up of spills on and off site

Specialised vacuum services for bulk liquid management and disposal.

Specialised industrial cleaning of surfaces and structures to prevent environmental impact, slips, trips and falls.

Hazardous Waste Management. Liquid and solid waste in large or small volumes. Legal transport and disposal.

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