Shut down & maintenance cleaning

Shut Down Cleaning Services

Rapid can assist with the planned maintenance or shut down cleaning on site (terminals, warehouses, factories, depots etc.) with regards to :

We ensure that the waste is separated (disposal, recycling and other) and provide our clients with comprehensive reporting afterwards.

Shut Down Cleaning
Shut Down Cleaning

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With seasonal shut down cleaning, your work areas are decontaminated and made safe for staff. Chemical dust accumulates in enclosed areas and can cause dust explosions. Besides the fact that dust collection is a explosion risk it is also a risk to staff health through inhalation and cross contamination. 

Shut down cleaning services also aid in the optimisation of processes as the process system can function as designed and provide optimal put through due to open pipelines, vessels and systems. 


A dust explosion is the rapid combustion of fine particles suspended in the air within an enclosed location. Dust explosions can occur where any dispersed powdered combustible material is present in high-enough concentrations in the atmosphere or other oxidizing gaseous medium, such as pure oxygen. Wikipedia