Coal Mining in South Africa generates an estimated 92,230 jobs (2019), representing about 19% of total employment in the mining sector.

The structures on the mine are constantly being loaded with the overflow of material, this causes many problems – aesthetically the mine looks dirty. The structures are placed under unnecessary weight and the areas are slippery.

With various areas and processes on mines, maintenance and housekeeping are crucial to minimise downtime and production pileups.

Process pipeline cleaning and maintenance services prevents blockages, increases throughput and assists in preventing breakdown due to flow issues.

Thickeners, Launder, leach tanks and any storage units need to be maintained to ensure that holding capacity is optimised, over silted or blocked systems can cause unwanted shutdowns onsite.

Rapid Dam Cleaning

Rapid Onamandla (Pty) Ltd offers dam cleaning services with minimal disruption to work flow, with our methods we strive to ensure minimal water / fluid loss in the dams and reduced downtime with scheduled maintenance.

Tank and Silo cleaning, not just for aesthetics but also for optimal storage capacity. Tanks and silos can easily cause large volume product loss through drips, leaks and ruptures.

Hazardous waste management, from sorting to safe transportation to legal disposal. Contact us for a solution.

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