27 March 2020 – 16 April 2020

As per the President’s address to the nation on 23 March 2020, Rapid Onamandla (PTY) LTD would like to inform all clients that we will be operational as far as possible in relation to legislation and regulations on Emergency services required by essential services. 

All project work will be placed on hold and postponed to future dates, communication will be made on starting dates once the Lockdown has been lifted. 

Emergency services defined below: 

  • Emergency spill response, 
  • Emergency environmental cleaning, 
  • Road and Industry spill response, 
  • Process and maintenance emergency response,
  • Upliftments (Transport & Petroleum Industries),
  • Transfers (Transport & Petroleum Industries), 
  • Hazardous Waste Management

Herewith we require clients to note that there may be delayed response to emergency sites due to travel restrictions and requirements. Rapid Onamandla (PTY) LTD will at all times manage and minimise risk to our staff, our clients and the public. 

Emergencies 0800 1 72 743 
General information: WhatsApp
082 775-7523 or 082 377-7232

Main contact numbers:      

Kind Regards 

Management Team 

Rapid Onamandla (PTY) LTD

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