With competent and compliant team members, Rapid Onamandla (PTY) LTD strives to provide clients with the best experience when managing site incidents and project work.

Due to the nature of our business it is extremely important that our staff are trained for various high risk activities, as they work in various areas from Mines, Factories and Power Plants to high traffic areas. 

Rapid Onamandla (PTY) LTD has the following accreditation’s:

Fire Prevention Assoc
Hazardous Waste Transporter Institute of Waste Management Chemical & Allied Industries Association (CAIA) Asbestos Certificate 2020
Letter of Good Standing 2021-04-30

We are also audited on a regular basis to ensure that we meet the required standards to safely and responsibly work with Hazardous products and chemicals. 

All staff are trained to the highest standards according to their job responsibilities and risks related to the scenarios that may happen. 

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